EUVABECO is set to launch five transformative tools, each aimed at enhancing vaccination efforts:

Tool Purpose Baseline
Clinical decision system (CDS) Provide recommendations and justifications The CDS implemented in France and Luxembourg
Screening for vaccination motivation (SCR) Select, reach and invite vulnerable populations The invite system implemented in Belgium
Electronic Patient Leaflet (ePIL) Simplify transfer of vaccines across countries The study from Vaccines Europe
Modelling and forecasting (FOR) Support public decision on interventions The COVID-19 Simulator from University of Saarland
Portable digital vaccination card (EVC) Continuity of care The study for options and recommendations for an EU citizen’s vaccination card

EUVABECO will employ a structured methodology informed by the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) framework, as exemplified by the V-model. This model depicts the smooth transition from one phase to the next, integrating both vertical and horizontal movements within the diagram. Such an approach guarantees a strong linkage between development and testing phases, ensuring a cohesive workflow.

WP3: Mapping

WP3 explores the vaccination strategies employed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through a scoping review, it aims to identify key practices and the associated public health objectives they address

WP4: Requirements

In Work Package 4, use cases derived from the key practices identified in WP3 will be selected for tool validation. Furthermore, tool specifications will be refined to ensure alignment with national and subnational Member State (MS) policies.

WP5: Implementation plans

In Work Package 5, robust and versatile implementations plan will be developed for each tool, complete with verification criteria

WP6: Pilot Projects

In Work Package 6, fourteen pilot initiatives will be rolled out across six partner countries to rigorously test the implementation plans for all five categories of tools. Furthermore, these pilot projects will undergo a validation process to ensure they effectively deliver the services they are designed to provide.

WP7: Evaluation

During WP7, the execution of the implementation plans will be critically assessed, and the sustainability of the outcomes will be evaluated.

WP2: MS Uptake & Dissemination

At the core of the project, dissemination efforts (WP2) will focus on distributing communication packages containing implementation plans, along with evidence of their effectiveness and relevance. These efforts will target stakeholders not only within partner countries but also across EC countries and any other regions where they can provide value.”

Map innovative practices Derive tool requirements and validation plans Develop implementation plans Transfer for MS uptake Evaluate and validate Pilot projects

Pilot projects – Execute and verify plans

Country CDS Screening & Forecasting EVC & ePIL