University of Saarland

University of Saarland is a mid-sized, dynamic, research-oriented university in Southwest Germany near to France, Luxemburg and Belgium located on two campuses, Saarbrücken and Homburg. The university maintains a wide spectrum of disciplines in research and education, including medicine, law, economics, humanities, natural sciences, and engineering. The Medical Faculty is closely interlaced with the Saarland University Medical Center and its 30 departments and 20 institutes. This includes the collaboration on the exemplary establishment of an Immunization Information System in Saarland and three other federal states (IISAAR). Saarland University’s institutional identity is defined by three main areas of research and teaching: “Computer Sciences”, “NanoBioMed Sciences”, and “European Studies and Internationality”. The campus of USAAR is also home for other major research institutions, such as Max Planck, Helmholtz, Leibniz and Fraunhofer institutes or the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. USAAR with its highly interdisciplinary scientific profile is very active in national and international research collaborations in different funding instruments and settings.