EUVABECO Partners and Advisory Board Strategize for the Future in Brussels Meeting

EUVABECO Partners and Advisory Board Strategize for the Future in Brussels Meeting

Wednesday 15 May 2024 – EUVABECO convened in Brussels on May 13-14 for a critical session to evaluate progress and outline future strategies. Hosted by Sciensano, Belgium’s national public health institute and EUVABECO partner, the gathering signified a pivotal juncture in the project’s development since its inception in January 2024.

Professor Christos Lionis from the University of Crete, EUVABECO’s coordinator, opened the meeting. He stressed the importance of collaboration and the value of face-to-face interactions in propelling the project towards its objectives. The meeting gathered over 40 representatives including members from EUVABECO’s 14 partnering institutions across Europe, four Expert Advisory Board (EAB) members (with one traveling from the USA), and EUVABECO’s Project Adviser from the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA).

Professor Christos Lionis, University of Crete, opens the meeting.

Professor Dace Zavadska of Riga Stradiņš University introduces the Expert Advisory Board.

Participants engaged in discussion over the two days through sessions spanning a variety of essential topics, including the progress made in identifying innovative vaccination practices within Europe, the project’s strategic operations, planning for future implementations, and mechanisms for effective communication and coordination among diverse stakeholders.

Dr. Angus Thomson, a member of the Expert Advisory Board, offers invaluable insights during the session.

There was also an opportunity for informal conversations and connection between partners. These interactions deepened the collective understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead.

The meeting offered valuable opportunities for informal discussions and connection.

Informal discussions enabled partners and experts to share knowledge on specific challenges.

In the coming months, EUVABECO will transition to its pilot implementation phase. Our forthcoming face-to-face meeting, scheduled to take place before the end of 2024, will be crucial for exchanging insights on challenges encountered early in the pilot phase, and collaboratively developing solutions.

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